Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Moon Landing Hoax
by: Dylan Magee

In an article i read written by Phil Plait’s he analyzes the arguments that suggest that the moon landing did not occur and then he counters these arguments proving how ridiculous this theory really is. One major point that they try a and make is that there are no stars visible from the video or pictures from the moon landing, suggesting that it must be faked. Plaits argues that this is an observation of someone who doesn't understand any sort of astronomy. The moons atmosphere is much darker then our own which makes the stars very difficult to see, as well as when  the shots were being taken of the landing the sun was very bright and and reflected harshly of the moons surface and the bright white spacesuits that the men were wearing, therefore they had to set the camera to a very dark setting to only allow a small amount of light in so they would be able to see the astronauts. At this setting there is no possible way that the dull stars would be visible, the same would occur if you used that setting at night on earth. Another argument that they make is that there is no blast crater from the spot where the spacecraft landed, and that it would considering it could touch down with 10,000 pounds of thrust. However plaits argues that just because it could come down with that much thrust hardlt means that it would, or even should. The men piloting the shuttle would obviously ease up on the throttle and touch it down around 3000 pounds of thrust, which when displaced across the entire shuttle would cause about 1.5 pounds of pressure per square inch leaving a very minimal impact crater. A final argument that Plait would discredit was that they explained that when you see the moon take off it should have moved all of the moon dust around the area, as the take off is so powerful, however this is not the case because even though this is the truth on earth, because the abundance of air causes dust and dirt to be spread long distances when a shuttle launches, there is no air on the moon so there will be no air to displace the force from the launch and cause the dust to move over a long distance. The only force present is the initial force from the shuttle. There are several other arguments as well but Phil Plaits is able to disprove them all, Its a sad day for Hoax believers everywhere.

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