Friday, December 5, 2014

Mysterious Lights at Slabtown Road

     In Salem County off of Route 40 in Woodstown is Slabtown Rd.  The road starts out between two fields, before cutting through a small section of woods.  The road runs over a small stream and if you walk from this bridge towards Route 40 at night it will sound as if you are being followed on both sides by footsteps in the woods.  When the footsteps stop the lights begin.  Small white lights appear in the trees, on the road and on the grass, but not in midair.  You can touch the lights but you can’t get rid of them.  What are they? There are many claims of people seeing these lights in any season and any weather condition.  I decided to go check it out and investigate it. When I got there I pulled over and got out of my car. When I got out I noticed how dark it was from where the bridge is, even with a house well lit after you cross the bridge...weird! I brought my K2 meter with me and it was going off like crazy when I was walking across the bridge. The odd thing is that there were no power lines near by. To test my k2 out I drove home with on and it didn't go off once, even when I went under high tension wires. I also took some photos and had small orbs show up in the pictures!

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