Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Voodoo Chile

When we think of voodoo, the most popular thoughts that come to mind are black magic, human sacrifice and pushing pins into dolls. America has become entranced with the idea that there are people who can conjure up potions and cast spells among the unlucky. The city of New Orleans is rife with such myths and legends. Although voodoo originated from the West coast of Africa and Haiti, we will focus on the phenomenon that is Louisiana Voodoo.
Let's start off by pointing out that voodoo has become a very lucrative business of superstitions. Americans believe voodoo is real and truly evil and for some reason, this is wildly fascinating. In the city of New Orleans voodoo is a very popular tourist attraction. Here, you can buy voodoo dolls which are meant to resemble a victim to torture, charms and amulets, and ritual powders. The most unsettling theme of voodoo is the gris-gris, which according to legend is a small leather pouch that is worn on the person and is said to bring bad luck upon whoever is wearing it. Practitioners of voodoo are commonly thought to be much like followers of Wicca or even Satanism, meant to bring evil and misfortune.
Luckily for those who believe in this phenomenon, it is entirely inaccurate. As mentioned earlier, voodoo originated from Africa and Haiti and brought into America around the sixteenth century by slaves. In Louisiana, they mixed with Spanish, French, and Creole influences to create a cultural form of the original religions. Voodoo is practiced to treat anxiety and depression, to cure addictions and ailments, and to aid the hungry and the poor. The theory that voodoo is aimed to hurt and manipulate others is entirely contrary to the real ideals of voodooism.


  1. its crazy how people can misinterpret the purpose and origins of things and turn them into a total misleading cultural belief. Because most people now a days as soon as they hear voodoo think of which craft and something evil to harm others, and its crazy because even myself was part of this ignorant believed until my interest for this kind of things lead me to researched that proved wrong from my primary believe.

  2. This is truly interesting. Much like the rest of society I have no idea what voodoo is. But it makes sense that america would somewhat modernize it for a profit! sounds right to me.