Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chupacabra: A Children's Story

            When I was young I heard stories of the Chupacabra also known as the goat sucker from my Father and his side of the family. There were various accusations on what it looked like but the one I was told was that it looked like a coyote and a dog mixed. It was a creature without hair and had an abnormal spinal cord. It apparently lives by the border of Mexico and Texas. The Chupacabra feeds on the blood of any preys it can get, like a vampire. Most "witnessed" descriptions of the monster were different from person to person but all of them claim to have seen it during the night. Most people who have seen it say that "there just see a pair of glowing eyes and distorted figure."
          An accusation that is false was that the Chupacabra does not come from Mexico but Puerto Rico around 1970's. There was an incident of farm animals being killed and left bloodless. After that more and more reports were filed and began to spread to other countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, and more in South America. The Chupabra was told as a children's story to scare them into listening to the adults because if they didn't "the Chupacabra would come and get you". Even with so many reports of it, there is no actual evidence that can conclude such a creature does exist. No one has ever been able to capture the real thing, just the remains of it's bloodless prey.


  1. It's kind of eerie to think about all of the farm animals being killed and left bloodless by a creature no one has truly seen. I think the Chupacabra was created either by those who needed an explanation to keep the panic down by providing an answer or by those who truly believed it was a monster stealing their animals. It kind of represents two different mentalities.

  2. I remember first hearing about the Chupacabra from an episode of "Dexter's Labratory". In the episode, Dexter had created the monster as a way to scare his sister Dee Dee(who constantly bothered him while he was working in his labrotory). If the chupacabra really is simply legend, one could draw parellel's between both Dexter's logic(creating a monster to keep his sister's away) and the logic of the parents' who told the story of the chupacabra(trying to keep naughty children from getting into trouble by creating a monster for them to fear). Interesting article!