Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Basketball Hot Hand

      The basketball hot hand is the belief after a player makes a shot the following shot will have a greater chance at going in the basket. This has been proven to be a fallacy because each shot has the same percent chance of going in. Many people believe that players have hot and cold shooting streaks. When really each individual shot has the same theoretical chance of going in. There has been plenty of research and studies done on players disproving the hot hand phenomena. There is no statistical evidence once making the first shot the second has higher precent chance of going in. Although researchers have found some evidence for the hot hand in foul shots where defense is not applied and difficulty of the shot is constant. They have found after making the first foul shot, the second has a higher precent chance of going in compared to missing the first shot.

      Even after analyzing all of this information, I still believe if a shooter gets in rhythm there is a higher precent chance of them making shots. Some games people score 40 plus points, shooting 60 precent from the field which is way above average and I think is having the hot hand.
Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points shooting 28-46 from the field 7-13 from 3 and 18-20 from the line proves a shooter can get into a streak and have greater chance at scoring baskets.

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