Monday, September 22, 2014

Magic Real or Not?

Magicians or illusionist are a great way to find enjoyment  and to be entertained.  But sometime one might think, could this be a real thing?  Magic had an early beginning where the Egyptians had used sleight of hand to distract someone as they would steal their valuables as they weren't looking.  Then got to the point to where they would do illusions that were so mind blowing to people that they began to call them wizards and magicians.  Although many of these were not real magicians and were just doing illusions, some believe that this could be real magic.  In todays world there are many illusionist and magicians that can truly blow your mind to the point where you begin to wonder, is this something that can be supernatural?  There are Magicians that you watch that you think that this is cool you can tell that they are using sleight of hand, but it still amazes you. Then there are some that are just doing things that you would say that there is no way they could have done that without some sort of influence.  For example, Apollo Robins for of magic seems to be a mixture of sleight of hand and so simple principles of psychology.  Apollo uses the art of misdirection to distract the audience with one hand while he actually is doing the trick with the other hand. Here is an example of what he does Then there are some magicians like David Blaine who's tricks seem to be almost like superhuman or even supernatural.  In this clip you see that he is able to take a needle and make his skin bulge out and even seems to put it through his skin and makes it seem almost painless.  Is this real magic?  Is he superhuman? No one really knows except him and I feel that these questions are what makes magic fun.  The mystery of not knowing the trick is what makes us truly intrigued and is what gives us the amazement that we feel as we see the trick. But the true question is if magic real or not?

                                                                                                                 Hector J. Figueroa-Gonzalez

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