Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Since I was a little girl, my family has often moved from one place to another. We never found a place that was “home sweet home.” Every place had something unpleasant about it. The two places that stood out to me was because of the experience that my brother and mother had. The first apartment was where my mom had bad experiences. It was a three bedroom apartment, on a busy intersection. My mom had a feeling of someone following her around. My mom always had a very cold feeling about that house. This feeling of someone always watching over her shoulder had changed her personality, she seemed less happy and quieter. Eventually, we had to move out of that apartment because my mom could not deal with the whole situation.
The next apartment that we had lived in was where my brother had a paranormal encounter. His room was a little further from my and my parents room, which may be the reason his mind played a trick on him. One night, he was in his room watching a movie, it was pitch dark. Around 3 AM he heard a noise, it was very loud and clear. He got so scared that he wrapped himself with the blanket, creating some sort of comfort. He was not able to sleep for the rest of the night and was shaken up from fear. The next morning when I had woken up, he ran to my room and was telling me what happened the night before. He had heard a little girl in his room, saying hello to him.

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  1. This article is very interesting. I have had one experience which stands out in my memory and I still don't have any explanation for it. Taking the pseudoscience course is very informative for me and is opening me eyes to the truth, but still there are some things that we experience and cannot explain it with science.