Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Out Of Body Experiences

Recently I have been reading up and researching out of body experiences. The best time to try and have an OEB is  either right before you fall asleep or right after you wake up.  The first step is relaxation, you have to be completely relaxed for an OEB to work, the more your body is relaxed the less you can feel it making an OEB more likely to work.  There are numerous steps on how to relax your body.  The next step is to focus your mind.  When you are leaving you body the most important thing is your state of mind, when you are in the right state of mind leaving the body is easy.  The right state of mind is to be a quiet, completely passive, single-minded observer.  The third step is to wander the edge of consciousness.  During this step you let yourself begin to  fall asleep and then catch yourself, after catching yourself you must make sure you are fully awake again.  You continue this process but each time letting yourself fall into a deeper sleep before catching yourself.  Step Four is to visualize an object.  A popular object is a small cube visualized about 6 feet directly in front of your face.  You keep on visualizing this object and may not continue the process until this small cube or other object of your choice is visualized in your minds "eye." Steps 5, 6, and 7 consist of you swaying the cube above your head progressively swaying faster and faster and then swaying your body in the opposite direction. The last step is to grab the imaginary cube and let it pull your soul out of you body.  You are then free to explore the nonphysical world.


  1. Very interesting, in my psychology class we were taking about out of body experience and how theres may books that allow you to understand and practice this but i think i would be too scared to try it thanks to insidious.

  2. Have you ever had an OBE before? I don't particularly believe in them, so if you have a story, please share!