Thursday, September 18, 2014

Site Post 1 by Kyrstin Arcolesse- Haunted house

To me, the paranormal is one of the most controversial topics in pseudoscience. Even though many scientists have ruled out the paranormal or have given explanations as to why it's a matter of science and not of spiritual components, there are those who have undergone experiences that say otherwise. Do we think of those who believe in the paranormal as naive thinkers? Or do we just not understand what they have faced? I myself believe in the paranormal. I know of others who have dealt with 'strange' situations including my father and my sister.

While I agree there are definitely scientific explanations available to solve many of the questions surrounding the supernatural such as left over energy, there are some components that cause the line between science and pseudoscience to blur. For example, when my father was a teenager, his friend's house was haunted. I don't mean haunted as in he saw something out of the corner of his eye though. I mean haunted as in something angry does not want them in that house. There had been a previous suicide and killing in that house before my father's friend had moved in. I guess that could explain the terrifying consequences. His pets had all died and his dog had even hung itself on their fence. My dad had come over for a visit one day, and while he and his friend were doing homework at the kitchen table, a loud crash came from upstairs. They ran to see what it was, only to discover the furniture in his friend's room upturned. As they fixed the furniture, another noise came from the kitchen. They went downstairs and the silverware drawer was on the floor with it's contents all over. My dad was freaked out but followed his friend to the living room- where the last encounter occurred while they did their homework on the coffee table. An ashtray shook and flew into my dad's lap while his friend was at the opposite end of the table. Getting up, my dad ran from the house and avoided it from then on.
As for my sister? Well, let's just say the Tuckerton Liquor Store is definitely haunted.

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  1. Have you seen the first season of American Horror Story? It encapsulates the definition of a haunted house!