Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Natural Remedies

     Natural remedies are very popular in our society today. Every house hold I've been in has a different remedy for the common cold, or for symptoms of allergies. People are still very fascinated with ancient remedies, often even opting to use those remedies instead of medicine that is scientifically proven to work. Perhaps this has to do with the cost of medicine, or lack of faith in doctors today.
     One remedy that I am I see often is honey mixed with cinnamon to reduce the symptoms of colds and allergies. This simple remedy apparently has very profound effects, often working nearly instantly with no repercussions. Members of my household are convinced in the power of this simple concoction, however I am not so sure. I tried to take this remedy once and felt no better until the cold I was dealing with had ran its course. So it begs the question: Does this remedy actually relieve the runny nose, and sore throat that is associated with the common cold? Or is it just a mental thing and people just believe they're being cured therefore their symptoms begin subsiding? For further reading, here's what naturalnews.com has to say on the topic:

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