Thursday, September 25, 2014

Could it be an Angel?

In March 2005 the unthinkable happened when I woke up and found the man I was dating dead at 25, he had died in his sleep of a heart attack. When I found him his lips were blue and he wouldn't answer me when I called his name " Greg! " After that I realized he was gone and wouldn't come back. The night before his funeral strange things happened like when I was watching TV all of a sudden the channel changed by itself. I know what you are thinking maybe I hit the remote by accident! But how would that happen if the remote was on my nightstand and I was lying in bed no where near it. There wasn't a malfunction with the TV because that's never happened before and its never happened again. Also the pull chain for my ceiling fan swung and hit the light, when there was no heat or air on at the time! I had a touch lamp and every now and then it will turn on by itself! Its never done it before his death! Then a couple years later I'm driving and my current boyfriend notices something on my dashboard, and says hmm I never noticed this before. We tried wiping it off thinking maybe its dust or dirt, but it wouldn't come off. We both thought it looked like an angel! Thinking maybe its Greg or maybe a close relative watching over me! You tell me what do you see?


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  1. i think i see the slight outline of a person towards the right... not positive though. But awesome story! Sorry for your loss!