Monday, March 17, 2014

The Nibiru cataclysm was an idea by Nancy Lieder that was introduced in 1995.  It was first known as Planet X, but then quickly became known as Nibiru.  She claimed that there was an implant in her brain that allowed her to talk to aliens from a different star system.  Her website, ZetaTalk, talked about how she was chosen by the Zeta Reticuli extra-terrestrials to warn earth about a planet, Nibiru, which would collide or come close to colliding with earth.  She predicted that if this planet came that close to earth it would create a pole shift which would displace the crust of the earth, wiping out the majority of the global population.  She said in May 2003 Nibiru would pass by the earth.  She even went on a radio show and urged followers to put down their pets.  With the passing of May, and no global crisis, she said it was a lie to trick the government.  She said she didn’t want to give away the real date because she felt the government would declare martial law.  She then speculated it wouldn’t be till 2012 for this event to take place.
   Nibiru also gave way to another theory that aliens lived on the planet.  When it came within range of earth during its pass, the two worlds would be able to communicate with each other.  A man named Sutchin said that these aliens would become earth’s first gods.  Astronomers and NASA have refuted these claims and have made clear that no such planet exists; for if it did we would already have seen it coming and its changes to the orbits of planets in the system.

   The consequence with this made up theory is it scared a lot of people.  The panic it caused made astronomers have to take time and try to explain that Nibiru did not exist.  Astronomers did this because of the emails and phone calls they received wondering if people should kill their pets and their children to escape the suffering. As scientists went on to disprove this theory, believers said they were trying to trick the public and hide the truth.  The evidence Lieder had to support such a claim simply do not exist.    

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