Monday, March 17, 2014


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Bigfoots, Sasquatch, when you hear these terms you probably think of the famous video of an extremely tall, two-legged, hairy creature walking in a wooded area for brief seconds.  The debate on if these creatures are real has been ongoing for a very long time.  Many are skeptical of the existence and for good reason.  Besides for glimpses in videos or pictures, or eyewitness accounts there is no documented evidence, which is definitive.  There are a few people who believe with such certainty that there was even a group formed called the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or the BFRO, which goes to areas which they believe bigfoots exist and talk to the locals.  This group even has a TV show.  While there is a part that wants to believe these creatures are real, you have to wonder if they do exist, why is there no definitive evidence? I personally have seen the TV show and I find it extremely entertaining.  These researchers have stayed overnight in freezing cold areas and filmed in the dead of night, walking with no light, and doing “calls” back and forth to try and tempt a “squatch” into believing they were one of their own to call back.  While this is all entertaining to watch the evidence against certainly is stronger than the evidence for them being true.  This will forever remain a mystery until we get definitive evidence they in fact exist, or do not exist. 

The BFRO website which features various things including expeditions in upcoming areas:

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