Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bloody Mary


                                                           BLOODY MARY

The Legend of Bloody Mary

I'm sure that everyone has heard of the superstition of "Bloody Mary" aka "Mary Worth" at one point or another in their childhood. Mary Worth apparently was in a terrible accident that left her face completely disfigured whereas she was one beautiful so she was no longer allowed to look in the mirror in fear that she would go crazy from the sight. One night, she went to look in the mirror in her bathroom while her family was asleep. She missed her old reflection so much that she walked into the mirror to find it and she vowed to disfigure anyone who came looking for her in the mirror.
So in order for Mary to come after you, one must turn off the lights in the bathroom and say "Bloody Mary" three times for her to appear and attack you unless you turn on the lights of course.
I don't believe in this superstition at all and it can easily be disproved. It is an Urban Legend that will never be fully put to rest because people like to be scared and need some mystery/ excitement in life. Children mostly like it because they can scare their friends with it and to them there is a possibility that it could still be true. I remember being younger and flipping out because my friends wanted to try it and I was terrified to. I honestly probably still wouldn't try it today, not because I believe in it but because I'd rather leave well enough alone.

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