Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jersey Devil


                                                            THE JERSEY DEVIL

Ever since I was little growing up in central Jersey, I heard the legend of the Jersey Devil. This was largely due to the fact that my father was from  South Jersey and rode dirt bikes all his life so of course he spent a lot of his time in the woods with friends. One night he was with a bunch of his friends partying in the woods around a fire and they heard screaming unlike anything they have ever heard before. They've hunted and been in the woods all their lives and never heard the sound that they heard that night. They described it as inhuman screams, screeching like an animal being killed but not. They then heard something running through the trees and they all jumped in their trucks and sped out of there. It was within 15minutes of the bricks that lay where the Leeds family once lived.
This article in Weird NJ magazine tells the story of a Mother who gave birth to thirteen children and she wished the last one was born a devil. She got her wish and he mutilated her and everyone in his path and he haunts the Pine Barrens still til this day. People in the article described their experiences with the Jersey Devil sightings and they were very similar to the one that my father had which is pretty strange.
I don't know if I necessarily believe in the Jersey Devil but I do believe that something was out there at one point, I nor anybody else just doesn't know exactly what.

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