Monday, March 17, 2014

Face on Mars

Back in 1976, NASA sent out a spacecraft called Viking and in one of its many orbits it snapped some shots of a region of Mars called Cydonia. In these photos appeared to be a face with eyes, a nose and a mouth. NASA thought it would be good to share these images with the public to spark their interest in Mars. Well it did and that is when theories came about an advance civilization created this formation of a face.
Can you find the face? 

But NASA says that the image of the face is only so because of shadows and light creating the formation of a face. People also tend to do something called matrixing which is when people naturally look for patterns in absolutely nothing. Although NASA is trying to discover an ancient civilization on Mars, they do not believe that this face is the answer to all of their questions. It was difficult to get better images of the face so over time NASA tried to get clearer images of thearea and this is what they got: 
The 1976 image was the first one they ever took, then in 2001 is when they got a more defined image of the area. It doesn't exactly look like a face. But there are still theorists out there that believe it is a formation created by an ancient civilization. No one will ever know unless we actually send a team their to investigate and do what needs to be done to be sure that there was or is life on Mars. The face on Mars will remain a mystery in space. 

Here are the articles if you want to look into it:

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