Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Psychic Advisors - Palm Reading/"Palmistry"

Taking this class was a big risk on my part since I am shamelessly obsessed with getting my palm read. Every single time something big happens in my life I go to the psychic. I've been to a few different ones, from Atlantic City to Beachwood.
Palm reading is actually something you can study online - if you google an image for it, it'll actually show you what the lines all mean.

The only thing is every time I try to read myself I end up with no line of health so I guess according to this I'm dead.
I found this website online that tells you pretty much how to read palms and dont worry - they take credit cards. 
This website claims that the "very art of palmistry is a science".
While the "art of palm reading" may be a science how can you tell specific things about the person attached to the palm.. just guesses? 
Well while the lines on your palm can give the reader a slight amount of information about your life, the rest is usually just a generic tale told from your own words. 
Knowing this, I will probably never stop getting my palm read - just being more quiet during the readings. 

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