Monday, March 17, 2014

Patented Fake Bomb Detectors

           This article discusses how bomb detectors similar to the fake devices sold by a fraudulent Somerset businessman have been patented by a Romanian company. Police are saying that the company, Mira Telecom, has links to Jim McCormick who has been sentenced to ten years in prison for selling similar devices modeled after golf ball finders. McCormick is believed to have made around fifty million pounds in sales from his devices. He sold over 7,000 of these fraudulent devices to countries such as Iraq. The police have found invoices and paperwork that are linking Mira Telecom to McCormick’s company. The device has been inspected and no one feels that it works.
            I chose this article because it is a recent update to the bomb detectors we discussed in class. The article, which is posted below, is dated to March 3 so it is a recent story. It seems that individuals are still supporting the belief that this device can be used to detect bombs and keep their country safe despite McCormick being convicted for his fake device that is only similar to a golf ball finder. It would be nice for such a device to exist, but there is no evidence to support that.


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