Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thermal Shock D4…The Fat Incinerating Agent?

We have all seen the commercials late at night with the beautiful, skinny, tan people talking about how they used to weigh some absurd amount of weight. If you take this magic pill, called Thermal shock D4, you two can look just as beautiful as me in three short weeks. And I’m sure we all sit there shaking our heads saying yeah right, in three weeks there is no way I’m going to have dark skin that’s so tight, and have people drooling all over me. All though in the back of our minds we seem to think, if only life worked that way. Then that tiny thought in the back of your mind starts to grow bigger and bigger as bathing suit season starts to approach. And there we are stuck three weeks before our big beach trip and standing in GNC looking at the shelves filled with those magic pills. Then we remember the late night commercial with the beautiful tan people, and their convincing smiles and we reach for the Thermal Shock D4.

Once again we have been sucked into the world of lightning bolts, and overly muscled men with Thermal Shock D4. Besides their alluring commercials they lure you in with catch phrases right on their bottle like “fat incinerating*”, “attacks deep fat deposits*”, “skyrockets caloric burn*”, “provides explosive energy*”, “suppresses appetite*”, and “Improves mental focus*”. All with an asterisk after the phrase, which is explained in small print on the back of the bottle, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” That right there should be a red flag, but if that’s not enough to sway you from using the product their website seems to repeat the same things on the bottle. There is nothing new to add to Thermal Shocks amazing weight lose plan.

Under the D4 Thermal Shock tab there is nothing about research and development, but the company that makes it, Cellucor, has 8 ways they formulate their products:
1. What are the biggest complaints that we are hearing from consumers in the industry? How can we develop a remarkable product that will blow our BIGGEST fans away?
2. Talk to our customers and survey the industry…sit down with Research and Development (R&D) and determine product objectives and intentions. Give them direction and let them go…
3. Take R&D research and begin product formulation – many rounds of iterations to determine the most effective formula (complies with all regulatory restrictions)
4. Determine product costs and ask ourselves if the value justifies the price we are asking you to pay – if it does, keep going and if not – kill it and move on to the next idea
5. Test the formulation with different age demographics, geographical regions, and empirical scientific evidence. We know we are on the right track when the test market is calling in yelling, “How do I get my hands on more of this stuff?” If not, return to step 3.
6. Create packaging that reflects the quality of the formulation
7. Product launch. Let the product speak for itself…and guarantee it!
8. RESULTS TEAM – Go to work!

First of all there is nothing in there about actual testing of the product; it’s all about selling their product. Second anyone that even has to mention their packaging as a way they formulate their products obviously cares more about making money then what’s actually inside the package. Also in class we talked about products relying on testimonials and personal explanations. Well this company is so convinced that it will sell itself that it only has two testimonials on the website, and there is absolutely no talk from doctors, whether they are qualified to discuss weight loss or not.

Last but not least I would like the mention outside testimonials that I have found on the internet. 8 out of 10 people hated the product and the other two where only half satisfied. Mostly everyone claimed that Thermal Shock was just a large caffeine pill that gave them such bad jitters, they couldn’t even work out. They also said it was way too expensive, and gave them rage which some even dubbed as G4 rage! This product may have worked for people because of the amount of caffeine they get boasts their work out, but for people that already work out on a regular basis this magic fat incinerating pill has no effect what so ever.

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