Friday, February 11, 2011

Paranormal Power Pets

Can dogs and cats see ghosts? A popular and conventional belief asserts that our four-legged companions have the innate ability to perceive spirits or apparitions. Serious research of animal communications began over 100 years ago when people began taking notice of animals' reactions to supposed ghostly visions. It is believed that animals are very sensitive to the presence of spirit life in our environments and will often react in powerful ways, especially to any negative forces present. A number of people believe that their domesticated pets do have some sort of psychic energy that humans do not and can’t comprehend.

There have been times I would be home alone on just a regular night and my dog would have peculiar reactions to what seemed like nothing. Certain instances she would sit up and just stare into space and other times she would bark at the vacant staircase or growl at empty areas of my house. Either she is not too bright of an animal or something eerie is actually occurring. I’ve been informed of numerous similar stories from other people and have heard news stories and other beliefs on dogs and cats apparent capability.

The problems with this “belief” are that it lacks plausible evidence and reasoning that people come up with to explain it. Nothing has ever been proved or for that matter even close to being verified. Similar convictions hold that animals can predict the weather or even a death of a person. I personally believe that man’s best friend and cats simply just act in ways that are odd to human beings and some try to put a paranormal or crazy rationale to try and explain what they can’t fathom. As with James Hydrick who claimed to posses psychic abilities, what is seen and not understood tends to become truth to most people until it is proven or debunked.

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  1. People alway have to put a reason to everything. Because we dont know why an animal acts in a certain way doesnt mean that it can detect spirits. That is just ridculous.