Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feng Shui: Myth or Truth

Ever since I was little, my parents always talk about Feng Shui. Sometime they will said this is bad for feng shui or this is good for feng shui. I grow up never knowing what feng shui really is. All I could tell is that, you always want good Feng Shui. They told me good Feng Shui bring good wealth and health. I never knew how exactly how one create good Feng Shui. I remember when we were buying our current home. They hired a "suppose" Feng Shui expert. Whom I thought was a con artist, I mean he looks fishy and was always with my parents when they are looking at houses with the real estate agent. He walks around with a Feng Shui compass . He would point that things around the house and would said if this house had good Feng Shui. If not, if it was possible to fix it. Another time, I remember they used to put red paper under their restaurant's phone. They told me it would bring more business.

According to Jadedragon, "Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of aligning one's life in harmony with the environment to create good fortune and health. Literally translated, Feng Shui means wind and water and refers to all elements of the Earth, whose shape, size, direction, and characteristics are created by the interaction of these powerful forces. These energy forces are known as qi or chi." Wait a second... qi or chi? Wasn't there another things that could improve chi or qi? Anyone still remember the Q-Ray? I am not saying anything have to do with qi or chi is fake. But It's hard to believe in something like that, after learning about the Q-Ray! After some searching and reading on the the internet. There are two side to Feng Shui. One side before that it's just a myth. People are saying, because some people spend money on it, they want to believe it works. The other side, which believe that Feng Shui is truth. There a tons of stories on the internet saying Feng Shui helped them.

"I was unpacking in our new home last year while listening to a Feng Shui show. The guest said to put a mirror over the stove to generate wealth. My new kitchen has a tiled splashback, so I could not hang a large mirror there, but then I unpacked a small rectangular mirror and put it on one of the tile behind the cooker.

You guessed it, money started coming in, and we are now doing really well. My husband is making more money than he ever has."

There isn't a real answer to is Feng Shui is real or not, but here is a old Chinese saying "It's better to believe things exist then not" To read more about it check below!


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