Friday, February 11, 2011

the nazca lines

Being a big fan of science fiction I have heard much about the Nazca lines. In movies they are used as everything from sites of alien landings to cryptic symbols warning us of some impending doom. Like many ancient sites where secretive populations built monuments myths and theories have sprung up concerning the lines origins and purpose.

The Nazca Lines are commonly believed to be made, either for aliens or by them, as landing strips for UFOs. Though everyone has heard of certain patterns of the lines, for example the monkey or condor, there are many others that are less known like the tree or hands. Much of the beliefs surrounding the lines come from Erich von Däniken who wrote the book Chariots of the Gods (sacred-destinations). The Nazca lines are one example that people who believe in the ancient astronaut theory use as proof.

Being an accomplished author he is seen as an expert, this drives many people to believe him even if he is wrong. This affect can be seen in many paranormal theories and beliefs. One example of this is when infomercials use “expert” testimony when in reality the “expert” doesn’t even work in the field that the item is used for.

The Nazca lines were more likely ritualistic centers that were either offerings to the gods, pilgrimage sites for the Nazca people (sacred-destinations). I believe that the lines were pilgrimage spots since tombs and broken pottery have been found on and around the lines. As for the lines being runways it can’t be disproven at this time so it will continue to be used for proof of the paranomral.

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