Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magnetic Pill

This revolutionary new pill known as "Magnetic Pill" is meant to bring a harmonious balance in ones bio-magnetic field by increasing the bodies "Magnetosomes". "Magnetosomes" are found in all living tissues and are supposedly responsible for the "sixth sense" certain animals use to navigate the earth. By taking this pill twice a day one can help themselves increase their own "sixth sense" and thus have greater intuition and a general higher awareness. Along with increasing ones intuition the pill meant to help just about everything including, "Pinched or Damaged Nerves, Brain Fatigue/Fog, Low Physical Energy, Anemia, Muscle Cramps, Neural Brain Enhancement, Memory Retention, Mental Focus, Inflammation, Alcoholism, Arthritis, and Athletic Response Time".
This pill is clearly pseudo science by jumping all over the place with seemingly scientific explanations such as balancing brain hemispheres and magnetosomes. The site is filled with testimonials and lacking any real studies. Just about everything contained in the pill can be bought at a vitamin store for much cheaper in a higher amount, and of course none of the claims are approved by the FDA (as seen in the small print at the very bottom of the site).


  1. this explains everything. i need to create a harmonious balance in my bio-magnetic field by increasing Magnetosomes to attain my sixth sense.


    nice try Magnetic Pill.

  2. I'm not even sure where the appeal is. If I saw the words "magnet" & "pill" I would probably go the other way.