Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ouija Boards!

Now up until this previous semester, I have never had never played with or had friends who have told me about playing with a Ouija Board. But currently I do have a few friends who believe in the Ouija's power to allow spirits to talk to them and the things around them. So being a bit skeptical I had to try it out and see what happens.
When we decided to play it was close to midnight, apparently more spirits are around at night time, and we shut off most of the lights, but not all the lights because we needed to see the board, and everyone put their hands onto the directional letter chooser thing. When one of my friends asked a question nothing happened for maybe a good minute or two until the pointer did begin to move. Being that someone I was with played the game before, I had the feeling like one of them was moving the pointer. The pointer began to spell out letters that didn't seem to match up into any words, so my friend said, "They're initials!"; common rule of thumb if words cannot be produced, "They are initials." After maybe about playing for half an hour, I decided to call it quits and removed my hands from the pointer and sat back to watch. My friends were yelling at me that I'm not supposed to take my hands off the pointer without saying goodbye first or the spirits would be mad with me, it was at that point when one light that had been on flickered a bit.....yeah if you can believe that. But i promise it did, but that still doesn't make me believe their were spirits in the room. So calmly I leaned in, and kind of sarcastically said my farewell. It was a weird experience because I didn't put expectations on it, but for lack of anything else it was fun to play with "real" believers.
Now maybe people might believe these spirits do exist, and maybe they think the Ouija Board is the only way to contact them, but I believe if you want to freak some people out and have some fun, take a Ouija Board, master the trade of being a lead pointer, and freak out your friends by making them think spirits are talking to them.

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