Monday, February 14, 2011


Many people all over the world are extreemely superstisious. Most of the times there is no science backing what they believe, but either they or their friends have been doing it for so long that it would be horrible if they one day descided not to follow their everyday rituals. A few examples are not breaking a mirror, or recieving 7yr bad luck, not walking under a ladder or using someone elses crutches because that also calls for bad luck!

A few superstitions that I follow are picking up  a penny heads up for good luck. Now although I can say many times Iv received good luck from this, there are many other times where I recieve no luck at all, or even bad luck. Also when someone sneezes, I always say 'God bless you' just incase their heart skips a beat! And finally, something that I picked up last year is lifting up your legs while going over a railroad tracks to bring good luck.

Even though I know that my superstitions were made up, I continue to follow them because of forced habit. If I didn't lift my legs up over a railroad I would feel like I messed up big time, and definatley have to lift them up over the next set of tracks. Sometimes I don't pick up every penny I see because I feel like a scumbag, but if it is in my apartment then I will mostly always pick it up. It just goes to show you that how people are raised is how they will act for the rest of their lives, because I hav been telling my friends about this and spreading them my unique ways, and Im sure when I have kids they will also follow in these wacky superstitions.

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