Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black Cat = Bad Luck?

In the United States, during the month of October we see the image of a black cat decorating peoples' houses or windows anxiously awaiting Halloween night. "For thousands of years, black cats have been reguarded as mysterious creatures with supernatural powers and were associated with witches and even death. It was believed that witches could change into cats; in fact, it is believed they could make that change nine times. Some believe this is the origin of the belief that cats have nine lives." Throughout the years, there have been many Hollywood productions which include the black cat being negatively perceived as bringing bad luck to those in which it crosses paths with. In all actuality, that superstition is from America and a few European countries, but in Britain and Japan having a black cat cross your path means good luck! How you interpret crossing paths with a feline all depends on where you live. A few are as follows:

Scottish Superstition: A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.
Italian Superstition: A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it.
American Superstition: It is bad luck to see a WHITE cat at night.
American Superstition: Dreaming of a WHITE cat means good luck.
Netherlands Superstition: Cats are not allowed to be in rooms where private family discussions are taking place! The Dutch believe that cats would spread the gossip aroung town.
Egyptian Superstition: It is believe that the life-giving rays of the sun were kept in a cat's eyes at night for safe keeping.
Irish Superstition: To kill a cat beings seventeen years of bad luck.

A few other websites which include variations to these superstitions:

So the next time you see a black cat cross your path should you be alarmed? The answer is NO! As you can see, in many different countries different types of cats mean different things. In fact, in some countries black cats are actually good luck and according to the Humane Society, black cats are the most popular color cat being adopted currently!

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