Friday, April 8, 2011

A Vitamin A Day

  A vitamin a day will do you good...True or False?  FALSE.  Most people are under the assumption that a daily vitamin is needed, and this is not true.  Unless directed by a doctor, you should not be taking vitamins.  Most people get the adequate amount of vitamins needed from what they eat a day.  One problem with taking vitamins is that water soluble vitamins taken  in excess are excreted in your urine, and ultimately wastes your money.  The FDA also doesn't regulate the concentration of the vitamin itself.  The FDA actually has no legal standing with vitamins, because they are not considered a drug only a supplement.  Take a look at each bottle and you will see the difference in the amount of vitamin in each tablet.  Taking vitamins can actually hurt you if too much is taken. 
    Ever heard the saying too much of a good thing?  Too much vitamin A can lead to hair loss, liver damage, blurred vision and headaches.  Vitamin B in excess can cause numbness in hands, legs and lead to trouble walking.  Vitamin C in high doses can produce stomachaches and diarrhea.  Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin can cause the buildup of calcium deposits that can interfere with the functioning of muscles, including heart tissue.
   If people understood the risks of vitamins I'm not so sure they would be so willing to take them.  There are also fat soluble vitamins as well as water soluble.  Water soluble is not as harmful because they can be excreted more easily, but not fat soluble.  Fat soluble vitamins in excess will store in the fat and not be excreted. (not good) 
   Next time you go to the pharmacy steer clear of the vitamins unless instructed by a doctor, it could be more harmful than you realize.



  1. I STRONGLY AGREE. I don't think vitamines help at all unless you've been told of what u need by a doctor depending on your age and whatever the issue may be. I haven't taken a vitamine in YEARS and i do just fine. Maybe it's more for kids? with all the types they have for them today. But for myself i dont see what exactly they do for you. I never noticed a change.

  2. I agree as well. After I was sick I purchased some vitamins to start taking regularly to prevent getting sick again. I remembered to take them everyday at first, but then completely forgot about them. I haven't been sick again and I feel no different from when I was taking them to now. Usually I buy vitamins and when I remember I have them, they are already expired. I think I want to believe that they will prevent me from getting sick, but I know that isn't the case.

  3. I'm guilty of taking vitamin c tablets every time I felt I had a cold coming on. Before, I was also on a multivitamin diet offered by GNC when I was trying to get in shape and lifting more. Learning that these multi vitamins can actually do more help then harm when not regulated by a doctor is very interesting, and rather scary.

  4. I dont see how vitamins are considered psudeoscience(unless taken to the extreme). I don't believe most people get proper nutrition and vitamins are certainly a sufficient way of keeping healthy. Of course one should be careful when using an excess of certain vitamins, but with general knowlege it can only help.