Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shhh!!! No one speaks to the pitcher

Ever heard of the myth, don't speak or say anything to the pitcher when he is inline to throwing a perfect game or no-hitter? I wasn't sure myself either so I did a little research. It came out as so that the players didn't want to mention the no-hitter in progress. By not mentioning the feat in progress, the pitcher would not think about it so much and just kept on pitching like he would normally do. Personally, I would think that is pretty dumb. The pitcher would obviously know that he is pitching a no-hitter simply by the actions. Not only that, the tension and the isolation that the pitcher gets is only going to make the guy more nervous.

Some of these players would even go as far as not even being anywhere near the pitcher. Broadcasters would not even dare put any numbers up to furthermore keep the pitcher's head at ease. It is a myth that is somewhat dumb and yet, respected throughout the history of baseball. Even today, players and pitchers would continue to not speak to one another if a no hitter is in progress.

Overall, I think that it is pretty dumb. I use to play baseball and not speaking or being completely isolated is the worst feeling ever. Your body becomes tense, your mind becomes so focused on what pitch should I throw next. Everything becomes a little harder because you are trying so hard to achieve this feat. But then again, if it works, then why challenge it? It has worked so far and probably will worked in future.

Short little clip of Roy Halladay throwing the most recent perfect game


  1. I do beleive in this philosophy because it allows the pitcher to concentrate on the game and stay in his"zone". CC Sabathia when he is in the dugout he sits by himself and keeps his legs shaking to keep his "edge". By talking it acts as a distraction.

  2. very interesting, with all the superstition i heard about baseball, first time hearing this one.