Friday, April 1, 2011


Oh Cryptozoology! A "science" that has sparked the imagination and interest of millions with its crazy tales of dinosaurs that still roam isolated ares of the earth, giant human-ape neanderthals living in the northwestern United States, supernatural marine species inhabiting small lakes such as Lake Champlain and Loch Ness and many more bewildering myths and legends of so-called "hidden animals" that live dramatically outside of their normal geographic ranges. Cryptozoology is not a recognized branch of zoology and is an example of pseudoscience because it relies heavily on anecdotal evidence, stories and alleged sightings. Most of the science that is involved with cryptozoology is based on superstition and hoaxes to trick the public into believing there are majestic and extraordinory creatures on earth. The reason i believe that cryptozoology has stuck around for so long with such little to no scientific backing is that it allows people to use their imagination that magnificient creatures do exist. Anytime National Geographic, History Channel or Discovery Channel have a special on the Yeti, Big Foot or Chupacabra; I always find myself watching and usually wasting an hour of my life on something i know to be false but wish to be true.

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  1. It is said that we know more about space than we do the deepest parts of our oceans. Maybe some of the supernatural marine species do exists down in the ocean depths. It wasn't until resently that we caught the giant squid on camera. Who know what other things could be down there. Also, if you did your research correctly, you would know that a police car caught the Chupacaba on tape. This information was untapered with and irrefutable.