Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hitting Small People (Chinese Voodoo)

there are many old chinese traditions. one of them is 打小人. which means hitting small people. another name for it is calling villain hitting. it is popular in southern china, around hong kong and guangdong. hitting small people is a ceremony that is normally perform by old ladies that use "magic" to curse one's enemies. hitting small people is often done in a gloomy place. first the hitter will bring candle and sacrifice to a gloomy place. they will first make a sacrifice to divinities. second, they will write down the name and birthday of the villain. or put photo or clothing or anything belong to the villain on the paper. in many cases, those "villain" are often a person the hitter hates or was hired to hit/curse. and finally, the hitter will place the human shaped paper that represent the villain on a brick and hit it. every time when the paper was hit. the hitter often will curse villain out. some explain of the word the hitter might said are that " hit your head " " hit your dead head" "hit your dead hand" and many other things that might not be appropriated.

a lot of people know this is just superstition. however, many people paid those professional hitter to hit villain for them. often, when a person is mad at their boss or co-worker, they will go to these old ladies and pay them to hit for them. a lot of old ladies make money off hitting villain.


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  1. this is hilarious... i thought it was fake, but when i actually looked it up on youtube, there was an old lady doing it. pretty comical if you need a good laugh