Saturday, April 10, 2010

UF...O Really?

Regardless of when the world will end or how. There is one man convinced that he knows how mankind will be saved from destruction. That man, is Riley Martin. I overheard his radio show which airs on Howard Stern's Sirius network Tuesday nights. Although much of Stern and his shows are merely jest. I could quickly tell that the story this man is relaying was true, well at least to him.
Riley's Website gives the rundown of his tale. Basically he was abducted, twice when he was young. But he didn't remember the reasons for his abduction till he took Polaroid photos of UFO's much later in his life...and when to a Psychic to find out what the photos meant. Through his psychic therapy guessed it. Remembered everything that happened to him. He believes that the aliens visited earth to unlock a block put in his mind years ago by the aliens. A meeting with the alien Tan, a member of one of the 6 races aboard the Mother ship stationed off of Saturn. The flashing images into Riley's mind and gave him the history of both man and extraterrestrial kind and instructions for the future, were all things he suddenly remembered in vivid detail.
As for the instructions, among the images are a number of images that he sells to the public in order to show the aliens that you are to be among the humans that will be selected from to leave the planet and save human kinds existence by starting new somewhere in the universe. Ohh but to get the images, which he already supposedly only he knows you have to purchase them along with submitting details like your parents ethnicity and a photo of yourself so he can draw it, because these images are custom and exclusive to you only. Buy them now tho because they are in limited numbers, only 144,000 images were downloaded into his brProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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n. But you dont need one of them to be selected to leave the planet, supposedly it just helps.
So is Riley Martin the chosen being to spread the word and save mankind's existance, maybe, maybe not. But last time I checked I'm not trusting shady unverified Polaroids of odd blurs that look in now way like spacecraft and more like a giant geese or something. Nor do I trust the magical remembrance of all of this over 20 years later due to a psychic reading. Who knows tho, if you want a sure fire chance at getting saved and hitching a ride off planet. Buy a Biavian Symbol fresh from the Mother ship of Tan the Alien directly through Riley Martins mind, or you can by one of his books, musical CD's, DVDs, posters, t-shirts, autographed photos, homade Cherokee beaded headbands, drawings of alien things, and last but not least his little friend Tan on a beer mug. Sounds like a bunch of a get rich quick schemes to me.

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