Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lying Can Be Painful

I'm sure when many of you were younger you were told by your parents to stick out your tongue when they think your lying and they assure you that they can see spots. In researching this myth, I discovered that there are things as "lie bumps". Unfortunately for parents, if kids find out the truth about lie bumps, they will be able to catch their parents in a lie.
The name "lie bumps" started because when trying to keep a straight face when lying, people would bite their tongue. Sometimes when doing this, the person will bite their tongue too hard and would irritate the taste buds (sharp food can also cause this). This irritation of the taste buds will cause small red bumps to appear. These bumps are a harmless problem and may just become red and irritated for a few days. Lie bumps cause minor discomfort. Now we all can see who is truly lying when making kids believe they can see spots on their tongue.

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