Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mozart Effect and the American Public

We discussed in class about how the Mozart Effect is false. I found a few web pages that discussed the effect and found that a majority of the opinions about it were correct. Most people do not think it will work but, these people do not represent the public as a whole. I find it funny that people want to believe in a result without even researching the theory. It is a true testament to the American public in general, because Americans are always looking for a fast and easy result. It can be anything from diet pills to increasing intelligence. This feverish trend of laziness seems to be getting worse as our country grows. Instead of putting in time and hard work, we are always trying to find a "quick fix" for almost everything. Trying increase intelligence is futile mainly because most of our intelligence is genetically based, but everyone can increase their knowledge. Reading a book increases your knowledge. In fact, reading is a proven tool that not only increases factual knowledge, but improves vocabulary and comprehension skills. But this would require some form of effort; it is much simpler to play some music and hope for the best.
Some people believe that the music can have an impact on a child while they are in the womb. This has also been dis proven. Besides the scientific reasoning of why this will not work, lets look at it logically. How would this specific type of music increase a developing child's intelligence? Why not other types of music, or a stand up comedy routine. Would playing George Carlin to a baby in the womb make it become a great comedian? I think not. But this also leads back to our laziness as a society. Most Americans won't research things thoroughly and will base their decisions on fancy advertising and false promises. We all need to take a look around and stop being so lazy.

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