Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can Someone See The Dead, Or See Into Our Futures?

There are many mixed emotions and thoughts when it comes to psychics. These important people can be found on the boardwalk, Televions and also the Radio. What makes many people go to these psychics? It beats me, but I guess it is to learn about the unknown.

Years ago I won tickets to a John Edward show. I remember hoping and praying that someone from my family would come through but of course no one did. I remember that he was only pulling people from one section of the audience and all the people had the same reactions. Was it rigged? Who knows.

Jared Plotkin wrote the article, Science Versus Psychic Powers and states, "Many people believe in psychics because they claim to have had some kind of psychic experience themselves." I can see that this can ring true, only becasue everyone has believed they saw something that wasn't there or even heard something no one else heard. However, would you ever give someone who can "see into the future" money to let you know what will happen? I would say no. You can pay me the money and I can guess at some future events that will happen to you.

Next time you get a reading or even see one on tv, just look at the questions and comments they say. That will truly give the answer to whether they are real or not.

Check out the prices for readings from these well known psychics and also where they will be incase you would like to spend some money.

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