Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Iridology is something that would be pretty cool if it actually were true. What exactly is it? It is the idea that your iris in your eye can predict your current or previous health status. By using the different shapes, colors, and locations of each shape, your doctor is supposed to be able to tell what might be wrong with you by simply looking at your eyes.
Ignatz von Peczely is the man who is credited with developing this idea after he had an accident with an owl. There are many rumors as to why he would come up with this, but still it created many followers. As many followers as there are, there are more people trying to disprove it.
There were many studies done to disprove it. One study was done by Bernard Jensen and it showed iridologists pictures of irises and they were to diagnose the ailment. Both men that were tested were mostly wrong saying that 88% of patients who were normal had kidney disease and 74% who actually were sick, were normal. There are others but this is just an example of one.
Iridology may seem foolish after seeing all of the evidence against it but there are still people that believe in it. It can cause unnecessary stress for those who are misdiagnosed and make people spend money on stupid remedies.

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