Friday, July 31, 2020

Post # 3

Psychic Crime Detectives. 
Everyday, I always watch crime documentaries or shows. Even though I don't major in criminal justice, I love watching what happened to people and how detectives get the jobs done but some cases remain unsolved.  In Lecture 6, when I first read Psychic Crime Detective, it caught my eye. These kind of things just fascinate me so much. Noreen Renier was able to locate where Mr. Charles Capel was by using some of his everyday objects he would have used. Even though she didn't see exactly where he was, she knew what was around him like a creek, stones, antenna tower and a fence. Psychics aren't always thought of as real to others. It's not unusual to hear about someone having a psychic gift. I believe some people have special gifts that not even science can understand. 

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