Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Post 1 Jersey Devil

Growing up in the Pine Barrens "The Jersey Devil" has always been a main topic to be talked about. Being able to learn the history of Mother Leeds and how the Jersey Devil was actually created has helped me achieve a better understanding of this topic. I have learned that Mother Leeds had put a curse on her thirteenth child due to her husband's horrible efforts with their other children, he was a drunkard. Throughout this lecture there is a picture of a strange shadow amongst the trees in Galloway, thought to be the Jersey Devil. Although I knew about the tales of the Jersey Devil I was not aware that it was used to legitimately haunt and terrorize the local towns and cities in South Jersey. The Jersey Devil has been known to be around for decades and has grown in popularity over the years, as the Jersey Devil is not only a South Jersey tale but more of a New Jersey legend. 

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