Monday, July 20, 2020

Post #1 Aliens

I have always found the thought of aliens being real and possibly on this planet very interesting and fascinating. It is always a big debate about whether Aliens are real or not and what they look like. I believe there are aliens but I’m sure they are green weird-looking creatures as everyone depicts them to look like. I think they look more like humans but maybe not quite exactly like humans. I definitely do believe there have been alien encounters here on earth and I believe in everyone’s story that claims they have seen aliens or spaceships. I believe they come to Earth to see how we adapt and function here rater then where they come from. They want to get into our brains and figure out our thinking and the way we live here to maybe take over Earth one day. There are plenty of movies, tv shows, videos, books, and real stories about aliens and UFOs and alien abductions.  Feel like these are all made in someone knowing something about aliens. So I believe someone knows something about aliens and that is why so many books, TV shows, movies, videos have been made. It would not surprise me if Aliens were slowly going to take over Earth one day. Here is a link to recent article about aliens! million people have signed up to storm Area 51. What could go ...

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