Monday, July 27, 2020

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The Jersey Devil and Bigfoot.
Growing up in New Jersey, one has to of heard of the Jersey Devil at least once their lifetime. The Jersey Devil is creature that was created upon stories that eventually turned into what we all now know as the Jersey Devil. Living near the origin of the story, I have heard many people talk about the Jersey Devil. Some will tell their children, "Don't go in the woods at dark or the Jersey Devil might get you." or the tremendous new reports that claim people have seen the Jersey Devil. Claims are big part of what keeps creatures alive. For example, how many shows are there on Bigfoot? There are claims of seeing the footprints, and some claims of seeing an entire family playing in bodies water. Claims and past down stories are what make the stories of theses creatures continue years after years. I believe that stories and claims are what makes this world so interesting. Think about all the stories we have of the past, how do we know if its true or not? What about the predictions of the future? Without it, I don't think life as we know it today, would be interesting! 

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