Thursday, July 30, 2020

Post #3: Aromatherapy and Meditation for Healing

    I often would go to spas and get massages as well as going to Philly to do some hot yoga and meditate early before class began. My perspective on how aromatherapy and meditation as a method of “curing” things was questionable but I soon realized later it's more of something that I believe is more mental than healing things directly like cancer. I can see how the idea of aromatherapy can be silly and how certain smells can help heal and rejuvenate. But the way it is advertised is probably what got lost in the message. But how it has been advertised to relieve certain symptoms may just be a small part. Maybe associating smells triggers certain memories and that is what brings us the healing depending on that certain memory. Meditation also is said to be just another yogi cult but most athletes start to incorporate it into their training routines. So although I may fall for the ideas that meditation and aromatherapy can help cure insomnia I think that everything is connected somehow and if it is something that can be natural and drug free, that is the best medicine to me. That is a mantra I would like to continue to hold especially if I am to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Americans are so reliant on opioids and painkillers, they fail to realize their bodies can easily heal themselves whether it is through their mind or their stem cells. 


  1. Hello, This post was very nice and made me happy to read. I agree to believe that Aromatherpary and meditation are very beneficial not just mentally but physically. I believe it can truly de-stress and relax you.

  2. This was a perfect explination of how I view aromatherapy! It's definitely a mental things but if that helps you then that's all that matters. It's about taking the time to care for your mental health and self which will inevitably make you feel less stressed and happier. Plus massages due wonders for releasing muscle tension and I know that for sure. I like what you said about aromatherapy about the smell triggering a certain memory or feeling because I completly agree. Maybe there's a tiny bit of the placebo effect behind it but I definitely think there's some healing abilities too.