Wednesday, July 22, 2020

post #2 Doomsday

   There have been many times where people said the wold is going to end and all humanity would be destroyed. Weather, it is global warming, a pandemic, a zombie apocalypse, the internet crashing, or anything else. There have been many times people have really thought the world was going to end, once in 2000,2012,2015, and some other times. People were scared that the world was ending in 2012 because, that is when the myosin Calendar ended, and everyone was freaking out. However, we are still here and nothing really bad happened that year. There were many songs and movies written based on the world ending in 2012. This failed doomsday was the most memorable to me. I also know there were several times that people were saying the world was going to end due to global warming and it significantly getting worse each year. Uneven just this year so people thought that coronavirus was going to be the end of the world. I think these people trying to predict when the world is going to end and dwell on it. The world will end eventually but we got to live every day to its fullest because we just never know what’s going to happen. We can not fear the end.

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  1. I find this topic so interesting Carli! I feel as though all these people that are trying to predict or go along with other predictions about the world ending, are just people trying to gain popularity for themselves. From a scientific perspective, it looks like the world is going to end, or be in trouble when global warming takes over or the Earth eventually gets to close to the sun!