Thursday, July 23, 2020

Post #3 conspiracy theories and subliminal messagege

   I spend hours and hours watching conspiracy theories and subliminal message videos on YouTube and go on a spiral. It makes me really think about life and what is real and what’s not. And all the hidden subliminal messages that are hidden everywhere that we do not even notice in our everyday lives. These subliminal messages that are hidden in commercials, music videos, and songs that we do not realize because it so quick or so hidden are just crazy. Like commercials sexualizing advertisements. Or as you are watching a TV program and quickly a food ad pops to point where is only there for a second but your brain realized it and then all of sudden you are hungry or thinking about a fast food place. Three are even hidden subliminal messages in backgrounds of movies, that you may or may not pick up on. I think it just crazy that these companies are throwing hidden messages in our everyday lives that make us want something or think about something. I do not know much about the Mozart effect or how true it is that listening to classical music is going to make you smarter, but is an interesting study. I am very interested in all of these types of conspiracy videos and realizing what has acutely hidden from us and all the weird things that happen. Check out the video linked below and maybe watch some more videos. 

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