Monday, September 28, 2015

The Lunar Effect

The Lunar Effect: Jason Weber

Do you believe that a full moon effects human behavior? There are many people who claim and believe that people tend to be more aggressive and active on nights when there is a full moon. Anything from crime to suicide to even birthrates are said to have correlation with a full moon. Many say that the full moon causes people with mental disorders to even act up or have seizures.Since the moon controls the tides of the ocean with its gravitational pull, many people assume that it messes with humans because we are mostly made of water. However, the moon only has an effect on the ocean because of its sheer size. Most other large bodies of water aren't even effected by the moon at all. The great lakes only show a tide difference of only one to two inches which is insignificant. Therefore, to think that humans are effected by the gravitational pull is foolish. Scientists have done many studies and they have come to the conclusion that the moon has no correlation with human behavior whatsoever. Although many people believe the moon is an excuse for odd behavior, odd occurrences, and "lunatics" scientists have come in and denied it. 

See this video for a brief explanation:

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