Saturday, September 26, 2015

The art of Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal messages are something used in everyday life, mostly through the means of advertising and media, to get viewers to purchase a product, or follow a subconscious instruction.  Subliminal messages are used to make the subconscious pick up on, and retain specific information, and then recall this information when making a decision.  These messages can be found in 1 of 3 forms.  The first is Subvisual Messages.  These messages are visual cues, flashed so quickly that only the subconscious mind will pick them up.  These messages could also be hidden among pictures, almost in plain sight, so that the conscious mind can not pick them up.  The next form is Subaudible Messages, which are low volume sound cues, thrown in to not be noticeable, but to get stuck in the viewers subconscious mind.  The last type is Backmasking.  These messages are audio clips recorded backwards, with the intention of playing them forwards, to disguise the hidden message.  Subliminal messages can be found in thousands of products, commercial, movies, and songs around the world, and are slipped in carefully, as to not be found by the viewer.  The next 3 examples are all Subvisual.  The cans secretly spell out sex, the skittles package also secretly spells out sex, and the lettuce of the chicken has a sneakily placed dollar bill in it.  These are used to get consumers to buy the $1 chicken, and have sex.
 Source/video examples found here.

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