Thursday, September 24, 2015

Phiten Products Inhancing Atheltic Ability and Healing?

Founded in Japan in 1983, Phiten claims to have created a collection of metal-infused wellness material and technologies called AQUA-METALS. As a company, Phiten prospered in Japan and slowly traveled state side in 1998. We have all seen these Phiten necklaces around the necks of many popular professional baseball players and other famous athletes. More commonly, these multicolored necklaces were extremely popular with high school athletes and a majority of Americans are familiar with their distinctive design. According to Phiten technology, AQUA-METALS (Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Silver and Aqua-Palladium) were "created through a number of unique, patented, proprietary processes that, in part, breaks down specific metals into nanoscopic particles dispersed in water, essentially creating a hydro-colloidal metal" ("Technology," n.d.) and of course the purpose of all Phiten's products "is to help enhance the user's quality of life"("Technology," n.d.).

Doctor Orrin Sherman, chief of sports medicine at the New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases commented on Phiten's technological claims as such: "'There’s no science and physiology...There’s just no way the chemical structure of the body can be influenced by magnets that small. It’s all superstitions with no scientific basis'" (Fox, 2008). However, Phiten does provide a link to "individual study reports" regarding research done on Phiten's technology on their website. Despite disputing evidence against Phiten, the company is extremely successful selling not only necklaces, but bracelets, lotions and gels, apparel, athletic tape and more. Phiten even has authentic MLB, NBA, and NHL collections for costumers to chose from. 

Interestingly, I also own a Phiten necklace, however I've never worn it and do not plan to. I believe the Phiten technology has more of a psychological effect on it's users than a physical one. Nonetheless, as long as there are individuals who believe the AQUA-METALS are working their magic, brands such as the Q-Ray and Phiten will continue to do well in society.


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