Monday, September 28, 2015

Did the Holocaust Really Happen?

The Holocaust, as everyone knows, was the genocide of upwards of six million Jewish people and five million non-Jewish people. Schools in the US include teaching of the Holocaust in the curriculum for children as young as fifth grade. We read books on it, watch movies on it, and discuss it very openly.

But, despite the millions of people that it has affected, some people believe it a conspiracy. One worldwide poll stated that [out of the 54% of people that actually have heard of the Holocaust), 32% of people believe it is faked or was exaggerated. Holocaust deniers claim that the energy that you would need to fire the ovens would be more than the country could afford during wartime, the six million Jewish deaths are exaggerated and that the Jewish people that emigrated to new countries were included in that final number, photos of the Holocaust was falsified propaganda created by the Allied Forces against Nazis, and that there is a conspiracy for the Allied forces to make Jewish people look victimized and demonize the Germans.

Holocaust deniers fail to realize the overwhelming amount of information and undeniable evidence that is out there. One website so eloquently states, "Holocaust deniers assert that if they can discredit one fact about the Holocaust, the whole history of the event can be discredited as well." If all of the evidence, emotions, and other plentiful reasons isn't enough to make you believe, you should at least know that Holocaust denial is illegal in sixteen countries.

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