Monday, September 28, 2015

Out Of Body Experience

An out of body experience is a personal experience in which someone feels as if they are seeing the world from outside of their physical body. Many things can cause this phenomena from happening. For example, it could occur from something as intense as a near death experience, or something small like being in a relaxed state. Another intriguing thing about out of body experiences is that they aren't rare. Instead this phenomena is actually very common. Studies show that as many as one in every ten people claim to have had one, and for some it has happened multiple times. When trying to figure out the nature behind these strange happenings people tend to believe it to be a person's spirit leaving the physical body and moving around on its own.  Others say they are just a form of lucid dreams. This is when we become conscious we are having a dream and can control what goes on in it. However, whether out of body experiences are astral projections or lucid dreams there just isn't any concrete evidence that can verify either one. Based on the fact that our senses are all linked to the brain, we can guess that they are just some brain function resulting from a type of stimulus.

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