Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cancer healing rocks
Once at a festival, I met a lady who was trying to sell "magical rocks." Of course this woman seemed to be the epitome of peace, as if these rocks took away any negative energy she ever had and then some. But of course I did not believe that rocks could change my mood in anyway, it was simply a placebo and any well minded person would know that. Or so I thought. After I met this lady these rocks seemed to be all the rage, celebrities all over were endorsing these "healing rocks." In the link above is a website describing rocks that can cure cancer, as if the original idea wasn't ludicrous enough. The website goes on to explain how the rocks "relate to the chakra" and somehow magically cure your malignant tumors. As fitting, the pink rocks cure breast cancer but the green rocks are said to spread cancer because of the "growth promoting energies of green." I found myself laughing out loud at the absurdity of these claims but at the same time, I felt sorry for the poor people buying objects and believing that it can cure them.
Magic Cures or Just Rocks
 I then found a study in which scientists tested these New Age "magic rocks" by taking 80 volunteers and giving half of them the real rocks and the other half a fake knock off version, With the subjects all thinking they had the real rock, they then asked them to express the sensations they were feeling from the rock. Both groups reported almost identical testimonies to the true power of the rock despite the fact that half of them had a fake. This proves that these magic rocks have no actual effect on our "chakra" and that the simple suggestion that these rocks will work wonders is enough to let our brain do those wonders for us.

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