Monday, September 28, 2015


Bigfoot. A giant, ape-like creature that has been seen all throughout the world in forests and mountains, even in China. He got his name from leaving behind huge footprints in the dirt and snow where he traveled, that is, before his footprints were revealed as fakes. The only evidence left for the big ape-man are first hand sightings which highlight pseudoscience's best friend- the burden of proof. There is no evidence of Bigfoot or any scientific reason why a 500 pound gorilla-looking creature would be wondering the world and not wanting to be seen, but people believe he exists. There are TV shows about him on Discovery Channel and Destination America that all rely on the evidence of the "smell of wet deer in the woods" or night vision cameras that could easily mistake a fly for a bear. Bigfoot isn't real and never will be, regardless of how many people swear to see him.

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