Sunday, November 15, 2015

Crystal Healing for Anxiety

After trying all sorts of treatments such as relaxation techniques, medications, and therapy, and seeing no results, people will resort to some strange remedies. When you suffer from disorders like anxiety and panic attacks, and you overhear someone claim that, "crystals are safe, free of side-effects, and it works," you may just agree to try it if you're desperate enough. Cited from their website, "A Citrine Tumblie works to reduce anxiety, fear & depression, and it's nicknamed, "The Happy Stone”. A crystal known as Aventurine, works to establish a calm yet healthy & vital state of mind, keeping you free of fear & anxiety. Next, an Orange Calcite is known for it's confidence boosting energies, driving anxiety far far away. Lastly, dried organic crushed basil leaves reduce anxiety & are uplifting and balance emotions." To other people who understand that these amazing things are completely far-fetched and just aren't physically possible, we work to encourage people not to fall for these deceiving tricks. 

Please do your best to make sure your crystals are ethically and responsibly mined.  Go to gem and mineral shows, and talk to the vendor before buying.: Gems, Healing Crystals, Crystals Stones, Crystal Guidance, Healing Stones, Crystal Healing, Chakra, Panic Attacks

As an educated individual, I truly feel sorry for the people who resort to this type of treatment because I know that they're desperate for a cure and they are so easily influenced by people who are only out to make a quick buck, without any empathy for the people they trick. In recent studies, it has been proven that this is completely a placebo effect. There has been no difference in the results from subjects who were given the actual "healing crystals" and the subjects who were told that they were using the real ones but were actually given fakes. Both groups felt the same benefits and healing sensations from each test, which is just another reason as to why this theory needs to be abolished. Too many desperate individuals are sacrificing their sanity and wasting their money on something that doesn't work and benefiting tricksters who deserve to be punished for their lack of empathy and history of deceiving acts.

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